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About Us

Welcome to the Carmine Consulting Experience

Our Team of Experienced Financial Experts Are Here to Help YOU!

Who We Are

Established in 2022, Carmine Consulting is a professional agency specializing in financial literacy. The face of the company is Mr. Carmine Siracusa, who has a background in credit education and lifestyle consulting. Working closely with his consumer law team and financial experts, we are here to provide solutions and education!

Our Goal

Our goal with this business model is to help others become successful. We strive to build a better future for our prospects through the various building blocks of life. Our team of experienced financial professionals are here to help you achieve your goals.

What We Do

  • Credit Repair

  • Consulting

  • Credit Boost

  • File Your Taxes

  • Personalized Express Credit Sweep

Meet Carmine

Born in Staten Island, NY, Carmine Siracusa is an aspiring entrepreneur & business owner. Ever since he was young, Carmine had a vision of financial prosperity which he carried with him to this day. During the journey of adolescence, he wasn't always in the right environment which led him to meeting his very first mentor, Gino. Through close proximity and constant attention, Carmine was able to develop his character and become someone that others could look up to. Of all the lessons and skills he was able to learn, one truly stood out. If you help enough people become successful, you will become successful as well. Starting this business with that in mind, Carmine Consulting was created to help others achieve their goals and have a solid foundation to build on. One of those major foundations is the credit game. Carmine has been able to personally acquire over $70k in personal credit lines & plans on showing others how to do the same. Living in a world where credit is extremely important, having an excellent score and the education on how to utilize it is necessary. Here at Carmine Consulting, our focus is on how we can help YOU!
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