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What We Do ↓

How It Works ↓

The first step to getting your business funded is making sure your credit report is SOLID. 
- 720+ Credit Score
- 2 Year Old LLC

- Minimum Personal Credit Card Limit of $10k

1. Credit Audit

The second step is to begin the first round of  funding. 


- SBA Loans

- Merchant Cash Advances

- High Interest Credit Cards

- Payday Loans

- Term Loans

- 0% Interest Credit

- Access up to $300k in Capital

- Business Credit Cards

- Quick Turnaround

- Documents Optional

2. Capital Acquisition

After we acquire your business funding, we want to make sure you are taking the proper action steps to succeed in your business.
We'll show you the most effective ways to:

1. Generate more leads/contracts
2. Improve your marketing
3. Delegate your backend work
4. Create wealth utilizing business credit

3. Action

Here Are Some of Our Recent Client Testimonials!


 Vanessa's scores went up 50+ points in the first round after 7 negative items were deleted!

 Alisha's scores went up 20+ points in the first round after 1 negative item was deleted!


Why Work With Us ↓

We are not your typical funding agency.

We are a community of entrepreneurs & business owners who understand the power of working together. 

United we stand.
Divided we fall.

Specializing in:
- Business Funding
- Banking Relationships
- Credit Repair & Education
- Mindset Coaching
- Fitness & Health
- Content & Media

Our goal is to create wealth through credit & network.

Do you want to be a part of it?

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