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Here's a Little Bit About Who We Are & A Quick Breakdown of What We Do.

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Here Are Some of Our Recent Client Testimonials!


 Vanessa's scores went up 50+ points in the first round after 7 negative items were deleted!

 Alisha's scores went up 20+ points in the first round after 1 negative item was deleted!

 In 30 days, we were able to delete 15 negative items off Monica's report which caused her score to go up 26 points!

William got 54 negative items removed in the first round! His score went up 17 points on Experian and 33 points on TransUnion!

Francisco recently got his results back, and after 30 days we were able to remove 6 COLLECTIONS worth nearly $2000!!!


30 days in & Nicole's credit score shot up 30 - 50 points after getting 5 negative items deleted!!


After 60 days of being in our program, Michael got over $10k in collections removed!


Kim's second round of disputes had some excellent results, over $5k in collections removed in just 70 days of working with us!


Byron got his repossession removed after working with us for just 30 days, over $25k in collections DELETED!

Mason got over $8k in collections removed in his first 30 days working with us. That includes a $7,843 repossession!

Matthew got over $3k in collections removed after his first round of disputes were complete. An excellent way to start out our program!

Credit Is One of The Most Important Aspects of Life as a Consumer in America, So If You Have a Low Score & You Want Results Like The Ones You See Above, Just Wait For Our Call. :)

Also, Here's Some More Testimonials from our Awesome Clients!

"The consultation was very thorough, the team was able to pinpoint my financial issues and help me out with my current situation!"

Ashley Gerrison

"This program really put me in a position to succeed financially. I had a really bad credit score and they were able to get it up to 700!"

Philip Siracusa

"I appreciate you guys so much. I've had these student loans on my report for a while now, and they're finally off! Thank you Carmine Consulting!"


Stephen J.

Become Our Next Testimonial By Choosing Us to Help You With Your Credit!

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