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So How Do We Work?



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700+ Credit Score Acquired!


1. Credit Analysis

Analyzing your credit is the first step in the process of your credit improvement journey. The analysis is performed by a certified credit analysis expert. Our specialists will analyze the factors that are having an impact on your credit score, both from a positive and negative stand point. This is done by taking a detailed look at your credit report.

3. See Your Results

We thrive in delivering you the best results! Results vary from person to person meaning some are immediate while others may take the full 4-7 months. The goal is to ensure that your credit score is the best it can be when we have completed your repair. Our company goal is to have your file complete within 180 days or less!

2. Repairing & Building Your Credit

We understand mistakes happen. Presently, companies check your credit for just about any large purchase you want to make. An individual’s credit score is vital in determining what they are approved for and what interest rates they qualify for. We will help remove any negative items so that you are only left with positive remarks!

4. Feedback & Referrals

Here at Carmine Consulting, our business values revolve around our clients. We love to hear honest feedback from every single individual/business that we work with. Since we live in a world where word of mouth business is best, our clients will be compensated for bringing us referrals and new customers! Contact us for more information.

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