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Here's a list of our current services. We have a surplus of options to better fit your situation. 


Credit Repair / Monitoring

A 5 month Credit Repair / Monitoring Program. Each round of disputes is sent to the Credit Bureaus and takes roughly 45 days for results. We typically do 4-6 rounds per client to attack all negative items on your profile each round. *CFPB & FTC Reports Included.


This is for the clients that are seeking a coach/mentor to work with closely. We want to take a look at your current situation and figure out how we can set you up for success.


Credit Growth

We recommend this for any prospects who complete the repair process or have zero negative remarks. This will help you increase your score and add quality payment history without any headaches!


Personal Funding

In order to qualify, you need a 650+ score, $40,000 of annual income, and no negative remarks. Acquire $15,000-$50,000


Hotel Passes

Stay at any Marriott Hotel globally. The pass is effective for one full year and grants you 30-70% off per stay per night. The pass will be available same day!


Flight Passes

The Flight pass covers FREE domestic travel for one year. If you decide to fly International, you just pay the taxes for the flight. Includes 2 free checked bags, as well as Stand-By Seating, Business First Class, and Flat Bed access.

More Services & Educational Opportunities Coming Soon!

Here at Carmine Consulting, we understand the importance of being ahead of the game. Our team of professionals is constantly developing and growing our skillsets to provide a multitude of educational opportunities. 

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